Somehow going to a concert via the uncertainties of public transport really isn’t a recipe for a great night out. You’ve got the option of the bus where, half the time, the people walking seem to be overtaking you. Or you can go for the tube and, more often than not, you eventually arrive at the station after a variety of signal failures or incidents on the line, and begin the walk to Wembley Arena. Frequently the band, not having relied on public transport, are already up there on stage giving their all before you’ve even got through the doors.


For transportation for Wembley Arena, Wembley Stadium, the O2, the Albert Hall or Olympic Park, whether you take the car and spend half an hour trying to park, or you bus, tube or train it, the likelihood is that the travelling is likely to take the edge off the event. Often it’s even more so when the evening’s coming to an end; how many times have you had to miss an amazing encore to catch the last bus or annoy hundreds of people by making them let you through because if you don’t make that train then you’ve two hours to kill.

With all the money we have to spend on getting into live gigs, whether King Lear or Kings of Leon, it makes a lot of sense to ensure the evening is great by hiring a limo to take you and bring you home again afterwards. Picked up from your door, you can enjoy a convivial pre-event drink in the back of the limo while the driver picks up the rest of your friends and takes the strain of the traffic and any unpleasant weather. You and your party, in relaxed frame of mind, are deposited with style at the entrance and can make your way to your seats already in the mood to have a good time.

Afterwards, when the final encore has rung out, you make your way back to the meeting place and, pausing briefly to look at the poor souls tramping off for the station or huddled in bus shelters, climb back into the limo to be whisked home without that terrible fall to earth that going home on public transport usually entails; the drunks, the out of tune buskers and the sheer smell of the city at night.

No, for transport to events and concerts around London the best option is a limousine hire company based just minutes from Wembley Arena itself; they know every short cut and every alternative route that might be needed to ensure you don’t miss a magical moment. It even makes financial sense, especially if there are a few of you with most limos taking the equivalent of several taxis worth of people in one go.

So whether it’s music, theatre, football, snooker, or whatever your thing is, travelling there and back in a limo will make it that much more fun and relaxed, allowing you to concentrate on the action not the traffic. If it’s a special event then there’s even more of an argument to go ‘large’, we can provide themed limos, stocked with the drinks of your choice and accompanied by the sound track of your preference.

For company events, hen nights, stag nights, club outings, there really isn’t anything better for travelling around London than a hired limo; we know you’re out to have fun and we feel responsible for making sure your day or your evening starts and ends in the way you intended.

Next time you’re planning an important event, make the transport a part of that event – not an after-thought that might end up spoiling the whole experience. When you’re travelling to events in London you shouldn’t feel like cattle being taken to market, you should feel like the celebrity you are and only a hired limousine lets you settle back in your upholstered seat and know that this will be a great event.

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Go on, stretch yourself! Hire a Limousine to events across London 2271

Go on, stretch yourself! Hire a Limousine to events across London 2271

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