Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, so every element should be carefully planned, from the dress and the ring, to the cake and the car you arrive in. Your wedding car should be the car of your dreams, adding a touch of glamour and luxury to this very special occasion.

Wedding Limousine & Wedding Car
Wedding Limousine & Wedding Car

Limousines & Wedding Cars – Making a huge impression

A limousine is the perfect wedding car because your wedding day is the greatest chance you will get to live the glamorous life. A limo is an extravagant, fun and exciting car without being tacky or ridiculous. It’s classy and cool, while still making a huge impression. For many years it has been a classic wedding favourite, which means it will never go out of style.

If you arrive at your wedding in a limo, you start off your special day as you mean to go on, creating a memorable moment that you and your family and friends will treasure forever. It also has more practical benefits, for example it’s large enough to fit a beautiful, flowing wedding dress, and there will still be room for the bridesmaids, flowers and more!

Wedding limo hire is increasingly popular because it allows the bride and groom and the rest of the wedding party to forget about the stress of getting to and from the church. This is left in the very capable hands of the car hire company and driver, who are experienced in making sure that couples can get hitched without a single hitch! You can simply sit back and enjoy the easy limo journey, with your focus on your friends, family and your husband or wife to be.

Once you’ve decided to hire a limo, you can personalise your choice of wedding car further as there is a range of limousines available to suit all tastes, budgets and purposes. Some of the most popular limos available for wedding hire include the impressive Hummer H3 and the fabulous pink PT Cruiser. You can also go for a more traditional wedding car, such as the majestic Excalibur, which is certain to get heads turning as you make your journey.

When choosing your limo, you should not just consider how it looks, but also the travelling experience. If you want to transport a large wedding party, you should go for a stretch limo, such as the lengthy Lincoln. Or if your main priority is having fun and partying as you travel, there is no better choice than the limo party bus, which is basically your own personal nightclub! For party people who want to dance through their wedding day, this is the perfect mode of transportation.

No matter what the requirements are for your wedding car, you can be sure there is a limousine exactly right for you. You’ll be the envy of everyone in town as you drive by in luxury, living the life of the elite for the day. Every moment of your wedding day is important, and this includes the journeys to and from the church, so make sure it’s special and memorable by hiring a limo.


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