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Swiss Cottage, in fact, the Hampstead area as a whole, is known for being the area with some of the most expensive property in London. The whole area is quite literally packed to the brim with style. If you are in a stylish area like this then you really do need something fantastic to take you from location to location. Our limo hire service will help you with that.

Our team is able to offer limo hire throughout Hampstead. When you work with us you can be sure that you are going to get one of the most professional services at the best possible price. We are unbeatable! There is a reason why people come to us time and time again. We are often hired for weddings and proms. However, you can use our limo hire service for just about anything you wish. This includes us driving you about Central London whilst you head to party after party. In fact, you may even just want to use our service so you can head on over to the theater or opera. Remember, you will be driven about so you don’t have to worry about parking. This is something which is NOTORIOUSLY difficult when you are living in Swiss Cottage, or just about anywhere else in Hampstead.

With a number of top hotels in the Swiss Cottage area catering for businesses, our service is perfect for those who wish for themselves or their clients to be whisked around in style. In fact, our team has worked with some of the most prominent of business events held around the area, many of which were held at the Marriott Hotel.

If you are staying in one of the hotels around the Finchley Road area, then you will be delighted to know that our team will be able to give you a ‘personal’ limo tour of London. It is a great deal better than travelling around on one of those tour buses, that’s for sure!

For something truly different you may want to look into hiring our hummer limo in Hampstead. This huge vehicle, kitted out with all the latest technological advances, is absolutely perfect for large groups of friends who just want to kick back with somebody else at the wheel. We are one of the only limo hire companies in London, in fact, we are only one of a few around the country, which actually has a hummer limo (2 different models in fact!) at our disposal. Trust us. Until you have been in one of these you will have NOT have experienced luxury before. As you may have guessed, when it comes to limo hire the hummers are without a doubt the most popular of our rentals.

If you are looking for limousine hire in Swiss Cottage or even limo hire in Hampstead then all you need to do is pick up that phone and call us today! We have a wealth of different vehicles on offer. Our expert team will work with you to make sure that you get the best possible vehicle for your event at the best possible price.

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