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Christmas an Ideal Time for a London Limousine Ride

Posted by Easy Limo | 11.17.15

London is a wonderful city with lots to see and do at any time during the year, but at Christmas, its extra special.

The illuminations light up the streets and with shop windows and festive displays, there’s no cheerier place to be.

But rather than brave the cold, or the crowded public transport, you could organise a limousine ride and see the city in style. Here’s why Christmas is the ideal time for a London limousine ride.

A luxury evening

There are so many places to visit during the Christmas period in London but the idea of organising transport cane a major deterrent.

The crowds, cold and difficulty with parking can make going out in the capital seem more like a hassle than a pleasure. Hiring a limousine can change all of that.

When you hire a limousine, you not only have the opportunity to arrive in style, it takes all of the inconvenience away, allowing you to really enjoy your evening out.

A limousine provides you with the perfect opportunity to relax and take in the sights en route, soaking up the atmosphere of London and enjoying evening in style.

London This Christmas

You’ll love visiting London this Christmas

Take a city tour

If you haven’t booked tickets for a particular event, you might just want to take a tour around the city, enjoying the festivities during the Christmas season.

The Yuletide illuminations in London are always spectacular and some of the biggest shops such as Hamleys are famous for their extravagant displays.

Being driven around the city in the ultimate luxury, with some festive tunes playing too can give you the opportunity to really see London as you’ve never seen it before.

Enjoy some bubbly

Whether you fancy a glass of bubbly or another drop of Christmas spirit, a limousine allows you to enjoy the party mood without having to wait for public transport.

Drinking and driving is illegal but without your own set of wheels at your disposal, getting home after a night out can be laborious, queueing in the cold for the bus or the train with hundreds of other revellers. Getting a taxi isn’t much easier and if you don’t live in the vicinity, persuading a driver to take you out of their usual could be tricky.

A limousine will drop you right at the very door and when it’s time to come home, they will be there waiting for you too. With a limousine you can join in with the festivities, even enjoying a glass or two without any inconvenience at the end of the night.

Stop off wherever you want

London is a vast city with exciting sights around every corner, but unless you’re on foot, it’s easy to miss the things you really want to see.

london eye during christmas

Don’t miss any of the sites in London you want to see this Christmas

A limousine provides you with the chance to see the city in comfort and luxury, travelling from one side to the other in just a short time. However, if you want to stop off in a limousine, it’s much easier. You don’t need to wait for a bus or train stop, or circle around looking for a parking spot. A limousine makes it possible to stop off at points in the city you might not have been able to before allowing you to explore London in a whole new way, even if you are a frequent visitor.


Christmas time offers even more opportunities than usual with seasonal fun and activities, from winter wonderland events to festive food. A limousine offers the perfect way to see the very best of the city, taking in the cheerful atmosphere while still enjoying the ultimate luxury, comfort and convenience. Call us today here at Easy Limo to book your London Christmas limousine ride today.

Image Credits: Sara Louise and Sarah


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